An innovator, a free thinker, a revolutionary, an independent person who is not afraid to challenge conventions and as a result becomes successful because of their strength of character.


Connection doesn’t come from age or sex, or even from the same background. It’s driven by shared passions. Follow your genius, connect with likeminded and rebel together yesterday norms and outdated social limits!


All our products were born to be likable and shareable! So unisex, timeless and ageless! Love it, wear it, rebel it!


Our prints are made in collaboration with independent, free spirits, that makes each print a unique masterpiece, supporting experimental artists all over the world.


Organic, recycled, non-toxic, skin-friendly: you name it, we rock it! Our rebellious team works every day to deliver the best product with as little environmental impact as possible. And all we ask for all this effort and hard work: please be kind and follow the care instructions or just pass it to your mom to make sure that all this awesomeness last forever…and maybe even longer!


We don’t use any real fur nor feathers in our products and we always prefer Earth-friendly materials if possible.

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